5 Reasons You Need an Agent When Buying a New Construction Home

unfinished new construction homeBuying new construction seems like a no-brainer. You get to pick your lot, choose your perfect floor plan, and plan every detail down to the doorstops. Plus, you don’t have to worry about working with a real estate agent. Right?

Well, not quite.

The truth of the matter is, even when you’re buying a new construction home, there are still plenty of reasons you would want to work with a real estate agent. Here are five ways we make the process of buying a new construction home ten times easier.

1. Finding a Builder

When it comes to building your dream home, you don’t want to leave the job to just anybody. You want to make sure you work with builders who have a good reputation for being reliable, keeping to their timelines, and who can produce quality work. It can be difficult sorting through online reviews and testimonials to figure out who the really good ones are. On the other hand, a real estate agent is likely to have worked with several local builders, and will know first hand who to trust.

2. Resolving Timeline Issues

new construction home with exposed wall with beams and studsBuilding a house is a much longer process than the process of searching, finding, and purchasing an existing home. So when you run into hiccups when purchasing a new home, you don’t want builders extending your timeline any longer than it already is. As local real estate agents, we’re here to handle the things that you might not be familiar with, so we can smooth things over and get you in your new home as quickly as possible!

3. Acting in Your Best Interests

When you walk into a sales office, the sales representative is going to be, well, selling to you. Regardless of whether you actually need the upgrade, chances are they’re going to push it anyway. But when you bring along a real estate agent, we can help you navigate what you do and don’t need (and possibly save you hundreds of dollars in the process).

4. Helping You Review Your Contract

Of course, whenever you sign a contract you want to know what you’re getting yourself into. And with new construction contracts, you’re going to want a neutral third party, such as a real estate agent, to help you navigate it. We can help you understand everything in your contract from warranties to deadlines for requesting changes and everything in between.

5. Negotiating on Your Behalf

signing a contract with a penHaving an experienced real estate agent on your side will help keep costs down. The thing is, builders want to keep their sales price higher, so that they can use it as an example for future sales. However, there’s room for negotiation in things like waiving closing costs or including additional upgrades. So having someone to help you negotiate closing will mean you get the best deal on your brand new home.

Thinking of Buying a New Construction Home?

If you’re thinking of buying new construction, why not work with an expert? Our team has a ton of experience working with new constructions, and we’d be happy to help you every step of the home buying process. Contact us to get started!

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