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Homebuyers Guide: New vs. Old Homes

If you’ve been thinking of relocating to the Triangle, congrats! Here, you’ll find a mix of quaint small towns and big city attractions, all with a dose of Southern hospitality.

No matter your location, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a home. It has to have all of the features you want, be in an area convenient to work or school, and fit into your budget.

Another thing to consider when searching for a new home is whether it’s better to buy older or newer. Both buying a new construction home and buying an older home have pros and cons.

While newer homes may be “cookie-cutter,” they often have energy-saving appliances and top-of-the-line functionality. Older homes might need updating, but they tend to have charming architecture and character.

What’s a home buyer to do? Allow us to help!

Buying New Construction: Myths and Facts

new construction homeDon’t let misconceptions prevent you from looking into newer construction homes in the Triangle! When deciding whether to purchase a newer or older home, you should have all the facts at your disposal. Here are a few of the common myths that surround newer construction homes.

Myth #1: “Buying a new home is always more expensive.”

False! When you custom build your home, you get to set the budget. Though new homes might come with higher price tags than older homes, their new features make up for it. Plus, purchasing an older home might mean additional renovations and remodeling are needed, which can get pricy.

Brand new homes also ten to be highly energy efficient, meaning they cost far less to cool or heat and operate on a daily basis.

Myth #2: “You’re not allowed to negotiate with the builder.”

False! Although you can’t change the price tag once agreed upon, you can renegotiate with them to add different upgrades. Having a trusted buyers agent is vital for this part, as they will be more likely to know where the builder might be flexible.

Myth #3: “Buying a new construction home means I won’t run into problems down the road.”

False. Unfortunately, life happens. As new houses settle, they may crack the foundation. Additionally, building a home is a complicated process that requires experienced professionals.

It takes craftsmanship and superb attention to detail to build a good home that will last for years to come. We can help connect you with all-star builders in the area.

Older Homes Have Pros and Cons

vintage homeOld homes can have character and charm that newer construction homes simply don’t. Buying an old home means living in a pre established neighborhood, often with creative interior architecture and designs, in great locations closer to downtown.

It might also mean having to spend money on renovations and upgrades if the home is not up to code, or has an old roof, foundation, or ventilation system.


  • Solid construction
  • Beautiful, old-world architecture
  • Larger yards
  • Long-term neighbors
  • Mature trees and foliage
  • Closer to downtown areas


  • Maintenance: because of their age, older homes might have HVAC systems or a foundation that is more than 10 years old. This can lead to expensive home renovations and repairs down the road.
  • Less Space: many older homes were built before the “bigger is better” idea became the norm, so closets and additional storage space may be limited.
  • Cost: vintage homes may cost more because they are often in great locations, near major schools, shopping centers, and downtown.

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