Is Fall Actually the Best Time to List Your Home?

cardboard box full of kitchen itemsWe hear a lot of questions from homeowners about the selling process, but the most common question is “when is the best time to list my home?” Conventional wisdom says that spring is the best season to sell, since the weather is nice and buyers are out in droves looking at homes.

But not every homeowner can wait until spring to list their home. Does this mean the home sale is doomed?

Absolutely not! Now that it’s common for buyers to search for homes online (whether on the go or on the couch), spring isn’t the only season that’s ideal for selling a home.

The Perks of Selling a Home in the Fall

In Raleigh, and in the Triangle area as a whole, our fall season extends well into October and November. This gives homeowners a wide window to take advantage of the cool weather and beautiful neighborhood scenery. Here are just a few of the many benefits of listing your home in the fall.

1. Curb Appeal is Effortless

a house hidden behind autumn leavesIn the fall, the contrast between your home and the brightly colored leaves is striking. Home sellers can take full advantage of the picture-perfect scenery without having to lift a finger!

If you want to take your curb appeal to the next level, consider setting a pumpkin on your stoop or hanging an autumn wreath on your front door. Check out our other home staging and curb appeal tips for more ways to attract buyers in for a showing.

2. The Weather is Perfect for Showings

Speaking of showings, fall is the perfect time for looking at homes. During most days in the fall here in Raleigh, the forecast calls for highs of between 65 and 75 degrees — meaning that buyers are likely to spend their afternoons touring homes for sale.

3. Competition is Slim

Many homeowners still consider spring to be the magic home selling season, so you likely won’t face a lot of competition from your neighbors. Fewer homes on the market means more chances for your home to be noticed by interested buyers.

In Any Season, We’ll Help You Sell Fast and High

back deck on a home sold by The Results Team

Professional listing photos + beautiful fall scenery = a winning combination

Ultimately, the best time to sell a home is when you need to sell your home. A job change, relocation, or other circumstance are common reasons why homeowners must list sooner rather than later.

But no matter when you need to sell your home, an experienced real estate team (like The Results Team!) will make sure you sell your home quickly and for the most money possible.

We’ve had years of experience helping homeowners sell their homes in Apex, Cary, Raleigh, and other parts of the Triangle area. Using our professional home staging and photography, a plethora of home selling tools, and our in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, we’ll help you sell fast and high, too.

(Need more convincing? Check out our team’s sold listings.)

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