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Why North Carolina’s Research Triangle is the Most Special Place on Earth

There are so many wonderful places to live in the United States. But what makes a community truly special? It may be partial of us to say so, but the Research Triangle is one of those places. Here are a few reasons why the Triangle is so amazing.

Incredible Schools

graduates throwing caps into air.The schools in the Research Triangle are some of the best in the nation. The Wake County Public School System is a highly advanced public school system that is known for its emphasis on technological education, STEM programs, and enriching extracurricular programs. There are also a number of incredible private schools in the area, such as St. Davids, Ravenscroft, and St. Mary’s, that offer an incredible alternative educational program. For older students, access to internationally acclaimed universities and research centers like Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University.

Booming Economy

The Triangle area actually received its moniker for the world-renowned research park that makes its home in the area. The Research Triangle Park is home to several international companies like Cisco Systems, Inc., and IBM Corporation. Some of the most advanced achievements of the past decades have happened within the hallowed walls of the Research Triangle Park.

Incredible Attractions

salad with pomegranate seeds and chicken.The Triangle is home to many amazing shops, restaurants, museums and more. No matter what your interest is in, you’re bound to find it in the Triangle. Whether it’s catching a show at the Durham Performing Arts Center, enjoying the soothing tones, and sometimes exciting, tones of a Beethoven symphony, going for a hike in one of the area’s amazing parks, or simply spending the day enjoying the shops and restaurants to be found in the area.

Gateway to the World

The Research Triangle conveniently enjoys access to Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Through this airport, you will be able to easily access any destination you wish in the world. In fact, the airport offers nonstop flights to international destinations like London, Paris, Cancun, and Toronto.

Perfect for Beach and Mountain Lovers

wave coming on sand with footprints.Whether you’re more of a beach person or a mountain person, you can have your fix of both from the Triangle! Due to the Triangle’s central location within North Carolina, you have relatively reasonable travel times to both the beautiful  Appalachian Mountains and the beautiful sandy beaches of the coast.

Mild Seasons

You never have to worry about extreme weather conditions in the Triangle! Mild winters and bearable summers makes the Triangle a great place to live. Also, thanks to the geographical barrier provided by the Outer Banks, extreme storms like hurricanes rarely have the impact that they could in other areas.

Incredible Housing Market

house in research triangle at sunset.Thanks to the growing popularity of the area, the housing market in the area has seen rapid growth. New developments are appearing daily, each of them offering something even better to sweeten the deal for buyers.

Thinking About a Move to the Research Triangle? Allow Us to Assist You!

As leading real estate agents in the Triangle, The Results Team can guarantee you results! Whether you’re planning to move within the Triangle locally, or you’re planning a relocation from a more distant area, we can make sure that you find your dream home for a great price. Contact us with any questions about the area, the current market trends, or to schedule a visit to a home that caught your eye.


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